First Friday Art & Wine Walk

Date(s): Friday, May 2, 2014

Time: 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Contact: Downtown Sioux Falls

Phone: 605-338-4009


First Friday is a special day of shopping, art and entertainment downtown! The first Friday of every month many stores stay open later until 8:00pm. Enjoy a day and evening of culture and activity. Visit a variety of retailers, artist venues and fabulous restaurants, plus music and drinks at all your favorite hot spots!

First Friday Art & Wine Walk

Come downtown for the May First Friday Art & Wine Walk! A wide variety of artists and wine samples await, as you visit locations on both sides of the river in downtown Sioux Falls from 5:00 – 9:00pm. Viewing the art and meeting artists is FREE, and for just $15, you'll get a wristband to enjoy sampling wine at each location. You can also purchase wine by the glass for $5.

Wristbands can be purchased at any participating location on May 2, 2014 from 5:00 - 9:00pm.


Locations Participating in the First Friday Art & Wine Walk:

8th & Railroad Center Main Entrance - 401 E 8th Street - Wines: Geyser Peak Uncensored Red & Geyser Peak Chardonnay

Samantha Heard - A sophomore at the University of South Dakota, Samantha's specialty area is printmaking, and her work caries a strong emphasis in drawing.

Michelle St. Vrain - works in the processes of drawing and printmaking, creating meticulous representations of animals that depict the emotional connection and relationship she feels with animals.

Bead Co - 319 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: McManis Merlot & Geyser Peak Uncensored White

Kim Hauschildt & Melanie Erickson - Dueling Torches! Artists Kim Hauschildt & Melanie Erickson will work in collaborative form on their fiery torches, demonstrating techniques in Torch Enameling, Silver Fusing, and Texturizing. Finished Jewelry accented with Semi-Precious Stones, Fibers and Pearls will be featured as well as components to use in your own artistic creations. Techniques class signups at the Bead Co. available as well!

CH Patisserie - 309 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: Franco Serra Barbera & McManis Viognier

Chris Hanmer - Chef Hanmer started out peeling potatoes at a country club at the age of 15. Through years of training and experience, he claimed the gold medal as the youngest-ever American chef for a World Pastry Team Championship. With world class recognition and experience, Chef Chris has been named one of the Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America, named Top Chef of Bravo’s Top Chef Just Desserts (season 2), traveled throughout the world to a wide range of culinary events and competitions, opened and run The School of Pastry Design, and held the position of executive pastry chef for the Ritz-Carlton.

Chelsea's Boutique - 321 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: Mosen Cleto Red Blend & Banrock Station Moscato

Elisabeth Hunstad - Small stature, huge sound. Her petite size and low key, yet upbeat, demeanor does not give a hint of what is to come when she cuts loose with a full voiced, righteously soulful delivery of a classic like Aretha Franklin's 'Respect'. Her powerful, soulful delivery has been compared to Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin and Carole King while she simultaneously puts her own distinct stamp of originality on her sound. Her original compositions have been described as heartfelt and meaningful with a distinctive style that mixes jazz and popular sounds. Elisabeth’s live performances captivate the audience, and listeners have remarked that it's almost like listening to a recording - only better.

Elisabeth's eclectic list of musical influences extends to everything that she hears. Her style combines elements of jazz, rock, pop, gospel, Motown, R&B, Latin, folk, country, art music and contemporary sounds, among others. Each of these elements is incorporated into her unique style of songwriting, piano playing and vocals, and she delivers it all with the power, precision and, some would say, the 'praise style' of old school soul.

Julie Eddy - Julie Eddy is a 21 year old Singer/Songwriter. She is a Zumba/Dance Instructor in Sioux Falls at Augustana College, Ultimate Fitness for Women and the Hip Hop Shop with a passion for for movement, music, and life.

Cliff Hangers Gallery - 126 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: Angeline Pinot Noir & St. Micheals Riesling

Jana Anderson - Inspired by great artists such as Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, Schiele, Rothko, Chagall to name a few, Jana is drawn to subjects such as the nude figure, human anatomy, and landscapes, but the filter through which she sees and depicts these subjects might tell you more about her state of mind as the artist than the subject itself.  Celebrate the new work of Jana Anderson this evening at "Eversion: A World Inside Out" display which explores observations of internal and external. In a literal sense Jana depicts organs, bones, land, and sky, but in all she is seeking something bigger and deeper than the eye can see. She grasps at the unattainable confusion, isolation, and tension that exist in all of us. Through visceral color and texture she exposes her internal experience, turning what we think we know inside out.

Coffea Roasterie - 200 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: DonRramon Tinto & Jam Jar Moscato

Anna Youngers - Anna Youngers is a classically trained representational painter living in Sioux Falls. Her award winning work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions across America, as well as in major national publications including American Art Collector.

Darin Kaihoi - Darin Kaihoi is a Sioux Falls folk-influenced singer songwriter.

Joe Riis - Joe Riis is a wildlife photojournalist, National Geographic grantee and photographer, iLCP photographer, and biologist. He lives in South Dakota.

Cookie Jar - 230 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: Pedroncelli Friends Red & Sean Minor Chardonnay

Jessica Smith - Jessica does acrylic painting on a variety of canvases.

Great Outdoor Store - 201 E 10th Street - Wines: Geyser Peak Uncensored Red & Geyser Peak Chardonnay

Michele Mechling - Painter and print maker from Vermillion, SD

Lillians - 311 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: Hardy's Nottage Hill Pinot Noir & gri/gio Pinot Grigio

Aubrey Dale - Aubrey Dale, a 24 year old Colorado native, currently resides in Sioux Falls, SD. She is a singer/songwriter and the full-time worship director at Embrace Church in Sioux Falls. When she is not leading worship, she frequently performs locally for events, restaurants, weddings, and other music venues. She released her first solo project "Holes EP" in November 2013 and is currently working on writing her next album.

Monks House of Ale Repute - 420 E 8th Street - Wines: Lopez Noceti 1919 Malbec & Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc

Susan Hartenhoff Haygood - Susan (Rocky) Hartenhoff Haygood is a very accomplished artist who has lived in Phoenix the past several years, having moved to Sioux Falls this past October. Her work has never been shown in the area. She is the daughter of local artist Gary Hartenhoff.

NV Studio Salon - 106 W 11th Street - Wines: Arcos Aglianico & Mommy's Time Out Moscato

Vanessa Torke - As a self-described beauty product "addict", Vanessa became increasingly aware of controversial ingredients in beauty products. With much love and research "Nessas' naturals was born. Vanessa will be providing personal consultations/make-up applications. Products will also be available for purchase. Stop in and meet award winning artist Vanessa, whose products were just gifted at the 2014 Golden Globe awards!

Plum's Cooking Co - 401 E 8th Street, #107 - Wines: Hardy's Nottage Hill Shiraz & Sean Minor Sauvignon Blanc

Alyse Marie - Dream Catchers are an ancient spiritual tool used to help assure good dreams to those that sleep under them. A dream catcher is usually placed over a place you would sleep where the morning light can hit it. As you sleep all dreams from the spirit world have to pass through the dream catcher.Only good dreams can pass through the hole in the center while the bad dreams are caught in the webbing and are destroyed by the morning light. The artist, Alyse Marie, is expecting a baby girl in June and all profits from the sale of her dream catchers will go towards her baby girl. After she has sold 100, half of those profits will be donated to the Sioux Falls Humane Society.

Rehfeld's Art & Framing - 210 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: McManis Pinot Noir & Geyser Peak Uncensored White

Idali Hall - Idali is an abstract artist whose work reflects the earth and natural phenomena. She utilizes mixed media, color variation, and texture to create fantastic forms that move within a suspended environment. “Inspiration for my art comes from mixing colors that are always a fascinating fusion. Every work is an exciting experiment, using different types of textures as a guide for color, making the result a very unique piece. I think that all my art work has a little piece of me inside of it.”

Say Anything Jewelry - 524 N Main Avenue, #104 - Wines: Don Ramon Tinto & St. Micheals Riesling

Stephanie Wilde - Stephanie works with sterling silver, copper and brass along with Swarovski crystals and pearls in her custom designs to create hand-stamped jewelry. Stop by to watch her demonstrate in person.

Simply Perfect - 401 E 8th Street, #108 - Wines: Castillo Crianza & McManis Pinot Grigio

Christi Schwebach - Christi Scwebach of Cschwebach Fine Art creates original artwork on copper sheeting.

Sioux Falls Design Center - 108 W 11th Street - Wines: Pedroncelli Friends Red & Geyser Peak Sauvignon Blanc

Jenna Weir - Jenna Weir is a working artist out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Working mainly in clay but also in a variety of other mediums, Jenna graduated from Iowa State University in May 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Integrated Studio Arts-Ceramics. She will be demonstrating on the wheel.

Sticks and Steel - 401 E 8th Street, #118 - Wines: McManis Petit Sirah & Sun Garden Riesling

Jennifer Walsh - Jennifer Walsh, JL Walsh Metalsmith, lives in Bozeman, MT with her three daughters and the occasional bear wandering through her studio from the nearby woods. She fabricates her organic, yet contemporary jewelry using ancient techniques and materials. By applying a variety of surface treatments and patinas to the metals and incorporating stones gathered from local rivers, hand-cut bones, shells and bits of wood, her jewelry imparts a sense of continuity and timelessness to the wearer.

Wild Sage Grille - 300 N Cherapa Place,  #102 - Wines: Angeline Pinot Noir & Sean Minor Chardonnay

Nancyjane Huehl - “While Nancyjane’s work is clearly referential – the subjects are obvious “things” or “places”– it is to my mind abstract in two important aspects. First is her expressive use of media, both oil and pastel, with which she alters both surface and space, replacing them with bold texture and color. In addition, ancillary areas in many of her paintings are seemingly Impressionistic, and even boarder on pure abstraction—areas that could easily be enjoyed for their color, texture, and expressive execution.” Recently her work “Eileen and DaVinci’s Dream” was unveiled as part of the new reinvention at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport.

Brad Kringen - Brad Kringen is an artist from Sioux Falls, SD. “What’s important in my artwork is color, pattern, texture, and movement. If a painting has all of these qualities, I feel it is a successful composition.”

Brad Kringen’s use of acrylic on canvas and mixed media allows him to create his own unique style; a blend of abstract, impressionism and expressionism. Brad enjoys experimentation and playing with new ideas which makes each painting unique.

Jane Lauren - Jane enjoys playful and experimental use of multi-media including oils and using decoupage techniques. Jane has been fascinated with the Native American peoples most of her life. "I view them as highly sophisticated race, which is in contrast to the primitive ethos  wrongly attached to a misunderstood race of indiginous peoples." In her painting, Jane loves to tell their story of their magnificance. Her goal is to illuminate the colorful myth of who the Native American peoples.

Young & Richards - 222 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: Bourgeois Pig Red Blend & McManis Chardonnay

Monica Pesantez - Monica Pesantez is a dynamic painter new to the Sioux Falls area. Her philosophy is to inspire others to create. Her joyful paintings vary from figurative, pure abstractions, floral inspired, to whimsical landscapes. Always full of life, each painting is a lavish arrangement of harmonious shapes and lush vibrant colors; her artwork enlivens any space.

Zandbroz Variety - 209 S Phillips Avenue - Wines: Bourgeios Pig Pinot Noir & Perdoncelli Friends White

Mike Fleming - Fleming has been working on and off of his "dreadful crow" series now for roughly 20 years, with most works being mixed media on canvas. He's continuing with the series, as well as embarking on some new pieces involving steamships, trees and red flags. Fleming lists influences in art and life in no particular order as Anselm Kiefer, Yoshitomo Nara, Raymond Pettibon, Owen Ashworth and Wes Anderson. "I'm not trying to change the world with my work or make any grand statement, I'm simply a fan of art and enjoy the process and the people. I am grateful to anyone and everyone who has taken the time to look at my work and honored by the people who have my work in their lives." Arkansas born Fleming calls Sioux Falls, SD his home.

Zing - 301 S Minnesota Avenue - Wines: McManis Syrah & Banrock Station Moscato

Mollie Potter - Memories and moments as well as colors and textures are portrayed throughout Potter's work and held in high esteem in her creativity tool box. As quoted below, a life lived well is worth examining. Potter does not believe that in order to be worth examining, life has to be out of the ordinary. It only really needs to be lived well, in content, and with purpose. Therefore, she finds herself choosing to recreate objects from her own simple recollections, subtle patterns or color schemes that spark an old scene in her memory, and textures that remind her of the farmhouse on the rolling prairie hills of South Dakota that belongs to her family. She finds herself examining more and more of life’s simplicities and finding that they are not at all simple. They are intricate, beautifully woven, and a major part of the story that each of us has to tell.

“We’ve all heard that the unexamined life is not worth living, but consider too that the unlived life is not worth examining.” - Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity


Location Featuring Artists (Without Wine):

Prairie Star Gallery - 207 S Phillips Avenue

Jo Anne Bird - Sisseton Dakota painter

Connie Strohm - Talking Crow quilter

Dana Lonehill - Oglala Lakota author of Pointing Lips

Megan Sweets -  Yankton Dakota potter

Thank you to Woods, Fuller, Shultz & Smith P.C. and Cask & Cork for supporting this event.

Thank you to First Premier Bank/Premier Bankcard for support of all 2014 First Fridays.


Other Happenings:

ELOFSON: Thrilled to announce a POP UP SHOP this month featuring Stonewear Gems & Sterling! Sales begin Friday, May 2nd, and continue through the month of May. Join us for the opening party FASHION FRIDAY, May 2, from 6-10pm! Also, pleased to host local artist Carly Rochelle/ART BY CARLY in the gallery. Her work will be displayed during the months of May and June. Celebrate with us during an art reception Friday, May 2nd! And, finally---get a taste of vegan delight, from local business: Lee's Cupcakery. Owner Lynsay Granberg will be on hand with delicious treats and ordering info. 112 N Indiana Avenue

Engage Paperie: Enjoy special sales and yummy treats from 10:00am to 8:00pm while you shop on First Friday during the Spring Open House event! 328 S Phillips Avenue

Horse & Carriage Rides: Relive years past as you pass down Phillips Avenue in a carriage pulled by two majestic horses from Horse 'N Around. Discover simple romance in the heart of your beautiful city. Rides will load at the Plaza by 12th St & Phillips Ave from 6:00 - 8:30pm. Cost is $5 per rider. (Weather Permitting)

Ipso Gallery at Fresh Produce: Ipso Gallery presents All This & More, two- and three-dimensional work from Shannon Frewaldt and Kristyn Weaver. Enjoy an artist reception on First Friday from 6:00 to 8:00pm.

JK Gallery - Owner and artist Jackie Krouse will host an open house. Her artwork is abstract with a contemporary flare. She uses acrylic on canvass with heavy texture. The paintings range from an earthy tone with balance and form to work with vibrant color including heavy brush strokes and movement. 401 E 8th Street, #330E

Rug & Relic - Featuring the work of Rug & Relic staff members Laura Jewell and Jamie Jacobsen. Both are trained artists; Laura holds a BFA from USD, and Jamie trained at Atelier Stockholm, in Sweden, in classical realism. 401 E 8th Street, #114

Uptown Events Sioux Falls: You are invited to a meet & greet and open house! Stop in from 7:00 - 9:00pm, meet the crew, have a glass of wine and see what they are all about! 524 N Main Avenue, #100

Zandbroz - Book signing with Mary Yungeberg for her thriller "Unholy Retribution" which is a sequel to "Consummate Betrayal" from 6:00 - 9:00pm. 209 S Phillips Avenue

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